CB RADIO ANTENNA – 2.15 DBi Gain @ 1.3 SWR

Mobile CB RADIO ANTENNA – 2.15 DBi Gain


CB RADIO ANTENNA works on all [racks] top of SUV vehicles. MODEL: MOBILE CB ANTENNA


  1. Power Handling: 1KW RMS Max, 2000W PEP
  2. 50 ohms – Antenna Length Approx 17ft
  3. Antenna True Power Gain 2.15dBi
  4. Effective Radiated Power @2.15dBi gain 12 watts in = 19.7W ERP
  5. Antenna Radiation Pattern Omni-directional
  6. Element Material 14 AWG stranded Marine copper DOUBLE insulated wire
  7. Bandwidth 26.965 through 27.405MHz
  8. Typical SWR 26.965 (ch1) = 1.3 or less
  9. Typical SWR 27.205 (ch20) = 1.1 or less
  10. Typical SWR 27.405 (ch40) = 1.3 or less

Designed originally for the US Military mobility.

Model: WARACM1 – Buy High Performance Mobile Antenna Now… $49.99

This special designed dipole is fully assemble… ready to install with included kit on your mobile rack in an horizontal “L” configuration… always keep antenna as far away possible from power lines .
The RF Antenna is cut and calibrate to the center frequency of the CB band standard… And NO trimming is necessary depending on your location or if you want to use channel specific to AMATEUR ANTENNA band please custom order any frequency 26 MHz to 700 MHz. Note:

All LONGSHOT base models and RANGE MASTER mobile antenna Models are available in frequency range 26 MHz through 700 MHz.

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